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Take advantage of Perth's free, continuous supply of underground water

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Aquarian Drilling provides a comprehensive reticulation service and repair service.

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Pump Repairs

Has your bore stopped pumping water or low on pressure? Need a new one.

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Bores, Rebores and Submersible Bore Pumps Replacements.


We specialize in the installation of 4”, 6”or 8” water bores in Perth and surrounding areas.

Water bores allow you to take advantage of Perth's free, continuous supply of underground water.
You can reduce your garden's watering costs by on average over 60%.
An extra benefit is the added advantage of an additional watering day per week to help your garden through Perth’s harsh summer sun.

Most areas in Perth are suitable for sinking a water bore or well.  By using our extensive data base (with over 20 years of drilling bore hole logs), combined with the information available from the “Water & Rivers Commission" which determines ground water levels at your property, we will be able to advise the suitability and cost of installation.

For a quotation on the installation of a bore or well or even on the supply of a bore pump and associated equipment contact Aquarian Drilling on 0417928330 or 92483330,
or send us an Email: Aquarian



  • Are you having problems with your existing bore or well?
    The most common problems experienced by old centrifugal pump equipped water bores include:

  1. • Bore not producing enough water
  2. • Bore pumping sand as well as water (failed spear)
  3. • Old faulty galvanised spear causing vacuum leaks
  4. • Bore not holding prime (faulty “Clack” – Non Return Valve)

    We have been solving bore problems for over 20 years in Perth and its surrounding suburbs. Our experience will ensure a cost effective solution to all your bore problems.
    From simple non return valve replacement and minor maintenance issues to having a re bore in the existing well we can perform a repair to keep costs down. We have extensive experience in performing remedial action on troublesome bores. They can often be repaired for a fraction of the cost of a new installation.

Pump Replacements

Has your bore pump stopped pumping water?

We specialize in 4”, 6” and 8” submersible bore pump and or fused motor replacement.

Aquarian Drilling has over 20 years of experience replacing all brands, sizes and types of pumps including, windmills, turbine, centrifugal, jet pumps, pressure systems and submersible and sump pumps. We can arrange replacement in the shortest time possible to ensure your garden or commercial property does not suffer.

We quote and contract for all types of work including Insurance claims.

We inform you of the progress of the repair on your pump and will not start any work until you have been supplied a comprehensive quote and you have confirmed the work should go ahead.

Just need advice, give us a call 0417 928 330 or Email: Aquarian