Always use licensed contractors

We got a call out from a customer that had no water. The pump had stopped the week before after getting low on pressure. The pump had tripped the DOL and blown the fuses associated with the bore.

The customer called out another contractor who sent out their electrician to sort out the problem. He checked the DOL and replaced the fuses and told the customer that the pump pressure drop was because the pump must be running backwards.

He changed the direction restarted the pump and this was the end result. Having lost confidence the customer called us out to have a look. It soon became obvious that the pump had become sand locked due to a failed spear and that reversing the direction had caused the impeller to unwind and force the rotor backwards smashing the pump casing.

One rebore and a new pump later and the customer is back watering their garden.

Davey Dynaflow pump destroyed by non licensed contractor