Drilling A New Bore In Karrinyup

We recently drilled a new 47m domestic 4 inch bore in Karrinyup.

The drill site access was restricted, we had to squeeze the rig in between the trees in the garden bed. Drilling was straightforward. We encountered 12m of sand then the remaining depth was Tamala Limestone.

The bore has a groundwater salinity of 495 mg/L TDS and a low risk of iron staining. The bore water PH is slightly alkaline.

Based on the bore dimensions and the reticulation design, pump options are either a Calpeda 8SDP22 or a Lowara 8GS22 three phase pump. The pumps should provide approximately 118 litres per min at their best efficiency point.

Ace Electrics Perth installed the electrical components of the installation.

For all your Drilling, Bore repair and Electrical needs Call James on 0407885091 EC 13614 or Steve 0417928330 ADIA 217

Drilling rig set up to drill new bore in Karrinyup
Drilling New Bore Karrinyup