I have a submersible bore that is lost and have no idea where it is

Lost water bores. This is a very common call we get from customers in Perth and the surrounding suburbs.

It happens when they have a problem with their water bore, and need to find it urgently as the pump or bore has failed.

Customers know they have a submersible bore but have no idea where it is. It maybe lost under over grown gardens. Most times they bought the house with the water bore already installed.

There is no reticulation plan and no-one knows where the bore is let alone what they are looking for. 

We recently located a lost bore in Bayswater. It was buried deep under the paving at the side of the house. It was nearly 1m under the surface and was a challenge to locate.

The type of enclosure your bore is in depends on when your water bore was drilled.

If the bore was installed in the last 30 years it should be in a plastic bore box. there will typically be a green lid just under the surface of the lawn or garden bed. like this one. Sometimes they are even flush with the lawn and visible. The lid normally conceals a water bore box that is about 435 x 300 x 305mm as seen below. If your bore was installed over 30 years ago it is more than likely located in a fibre cement box similar to a Telstra pit.

Can’t find your submersible bore?

Call Steve on 0417928330 or James on 0407885091. Our mobile service teams have special cable tracing equipment and expert knowledge to help locate your lost bore.

Alternatively fill in our contact form and we will get in touch with you to arrange a site visit to find the lost bore.