Bore Pump Replacement Beechboro

Got a call this morning from a customer in Beechboro who had a failed submersible pump.Unfortunately they also had no idea where the bore was located on the property. Ace electrics Perth disconnected the pump allowing us to connect a cable locator and find the bore within minutes. (Saving lots of unnecessary disruption to the garden and lawn). We winched … Read More

Water Bore Downhole Camera Service

Downhole Camera Service A Down Hole Camera allows us to identify water bore problems that cannot be determined without “seeing” the problem. Aquarian Drilling uses underground cameras for viewing downhole and sideview images and videos in water bores. The camera allows for real time observation of the casing and well screen to discover cracks ,holes or areas of corrosion. Camera … Read More

Bore Repair & Pump Replacement Lower Chittering

A new customer from lower Chittering recently installed their own 3 inch sqe Grundfos pump in an existing bore on the property they recently purchased. The pump was installed at 89m in a 91m 4 inch bore with static water at 34m. Unfortunately they did not evaluate the condition of the bore prior to installing the pump. We were asked … Read More

Always use licensed contractors

Why it Pays to use Licensed Drillers We got a call out from a customer that had no water. The pump had stopped the week before after getting low on pressure. The pump had tripped the DOL and blown the fuses associated with the bore. The customer called out another contractor who sent out their electrician to sort out the … Read More

Water Bore Rehabilitation

Yesterday A customer rang to see if we could assist them with water bore rehabilitation. They had a problem getting water on their property in the Swan Valley. Two previous contractors had already tried to get them water and failed. After asking some relevant questions the history of the problem was as follows. The original old well on the property … Read More

Water Bore Restoration

A recent water bore restoration job in Mandurah. A customer called to say that they had a bore drilled eight years ago. And for the last two seasons they have had low flow and low pressure issues. After a quick site visit and inspection, we were confident that we could resolve the customers problems without having to drill a new … Read More

Get Your Reticulation Ready For Summer

Spring is well and truly on its way. Customers are keen to see their properties return to a luscious green. That means they want their reticulation systems to be in tip top shape. Aquarian Drilling provides pre summer system checks, to ensure that the irrigation system is running properly and efficiently. Our service technicians will go through each zone, checking … Read More