Aquarian Drilling provides comprehensive Perth water bore repairs. We fix all types of water bores, submersible and centrifugal. We are Perth's deep well / bore repair specialists.

We also provide a reticulation repair service. We fix solenoids, sprinklers, control boxes, lawn dry spots, low bore pressure, broken pipes and wiring problems. We have modern diagnostic tools that allow us to quickly diagnose and locate any problems with any reticulation system. We specialise in the repair or replacement of all facets of both domestic and commercial reticulation (irrigation) systems.

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Perth bore repairs

Aquarian Drilling Perth Water Bores & Pumps provides a comprehensive water bore repair service.  We can solve all your water bore and pump problems. We repair both submersible and centrifugal bores.

Common bore faults that we repair on a daily basis include:

  • Replacing Non Return Valves (Check Valves)
  • Reboring or re spearing old wells/bores
  • Water bore development
  • Re sleaving bores
  • Deep well repairs
  • Centrifugal pump repairs
  • Submersible pump replacement
  • Blown capacitor replacement
  • Insurance claims – fused bore pump motors
  • Electrical faults / tripping Issues
  • Contactor controls & motor overloads
  • Reticulation Controller replacement
  • Drilling new water bores
  • Lack of water pressure
  • Solenoid Valves
  • Biofouling water bore bacteria treatment
  • No power supply to the bore
  • Pump running no water No water
  • Pump dead head repairs
  • Leakages in the bore pump or piping
Reticulation controller repair or replacement. 

Your reticulation controller is the most important part of your irrigation system.Its primary function is ensuring that you water on the correct day, at the correct time and that  each station waters for the correct duration.

Common faults that we regularly hear from customers include: I Have lost the display on my control box, My sprinklers have stopped coming on, my sprinklers have a mind of their own, No AC, or my controller displays “Fused” and many more. 

Our specialist in house electrician, can diagnose every aspect of your current controller problems, field wiring or reticulation system. He can perform on site repairs or can supply and install all major reticulation controllers including, Proline, Rainbird and Hunter.

Fault finding in wiring systems for all bore and mains water systems.

We have extensive experience in fault finding combined with high end diagnostic equipment which allows fast diagnosis and repair of all wiring and control systems. 

Repairing broken reticulation pipe work any size.

Do you have a leaky or broken water pipe? We repair any broken pipe work from small domestic 20mm pipe to 200mm commercial installations. We repair all pipe types including PVC, Polly Pipe and Dicon Pipe

Manufacture couplings to fit old black Dicon pipe work.

Do you have old Dicon reticulation pipe that you can not get any fittings to fit? We are Dicon pipe repair specialists we manufacture fittings that enable repairs to reticulation Dicon pipe. Give us a call for same day service.

Submersible Bore location.

Can’t find your submersible bore? Our specialist bore electrician has the necessary equipment to locate your bore, even under brick paving.

Manual reticulation systems automated.

If you have an old fashioned bore / well with manual gate valves we can make your life a whole lot easier by installing an automatic reticulation timer and pump start relay combined with solenoid valves.

Sprinkler replacement.

We carry all major sprinkler brands and can install and adjust them to suit your watering needs.

Upgrade existing reticulation systems that are not covering gardens  properly.

We can design and install additions / alterations to your existing reticulation system to fix any dry spots or get better coverage.

Fix low pressure issues on bore and mains reticulation systems.

We can perform a water pressure and flow test on your reticulation system to identify leaks or restrictions to flow or bad system designs.

Reticulation timer programming / system start-ups and shut downs.

We do offer a pre-summer system check in early August until the end of September, where we perform adjustments and basic maintenance to ensure trouble free watering in summer. We also perform winter system shutdowns.


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