We specialise in the installation of 4”, 6”or 8” water bores in Perth and the surrounding areas. Water bores allow you to take advantage of Perth's free, continuous supply of underground water, enabling you to reduce your garden's watering costs by an average of over 60% and have the added advantage of an additional watering day per week to help your garden through Perth’s harsh summer sun.



Most areas in Perth are suitable for sinking a water bore or well. By using our extensive database (with nearly 30 years’ of drilling bore hole logs), combined with the information available from the “Water & Rivers Commission" which determines groundwater levels at your property, we will be able to advise the suitability and cost of installation.

New Bore Installation (Domestic & Commercial) - We install 4” 6” and 8” bores in Perth and the surrounding suburbs.

Shared Bore Installation - We have extensive experience installing shared bores, from the agreement, through plumbing and electrical connection to hand over. All aspects are completed in house with no subcontracting.

Bore Automation - Existing manual pump start reticulation systems with gate valves are converted to fully automatic systems.

Re-Boring or Re-Spearing Old Fashioned Bores or Wells - We specialise in reboring old wells that other contractors say can not be fixed. (saving you the expense of installing a submersible pump).

Bore Air Development and/or Chemical Treatment - If your bore is not producing enough water we can treat the bore with the appropriate chemicals which will enhance water flow. If required we can air develop the bore to restore full function.

Pump Supply & Installation - We supply and Install domestic and commercial, submersible, centrifugal, pool and many other types of pumps.

Pump Sales - Our buying power provides economies of scale that we can pass on to our customers. We sell, Lowara, Grundfos, Davey, Onga and other leading brands to DIY customers.

Pump Repairs - With nearly 30 years experience repairing and replacing all types of pumps including centrifugal, jet pumps, pressure systems and submersible and sump pumps we can arrange repair or replacement in the shortest time possible to ensure your garden does not suffer.

Down Hole Camera Services (DTH) - Our DTH camera allows us to identify the problem and formulate a solution so we can economically repair your bore.

Retrieval of Stuck or Dropped Pumps - We specialise in retrieving stuck or broken off bore pumps.

Re-Sleeving Bores - Sometimes your old bore or well can be resleeved at a fraction of the cost of a new installation.

Non Return Valve Replacement (NRV or “Clack Valve”) - We only supply and install quality brass non return valves.

Deep Well Repair and/or Maintenance Specialist - We have all the necessary safety equipment and training to enable us to fix deep old fashioned wells that other contractors refuse to repair.

Bore/Well Abandonment -  Bores and/or wells abandoned in accordance with the Australian Drilling Industry standards.

Water Tank Installation - We supply and install any size water storage tanks for bore and rainwater storage.

All Other Services - Including, automatic fertilisation systems, all aspects of pump insurance and or fusion claims, and the supply and installation of galvanised well lids.




  • Long Term Water Savings

    Installing your own water bore will provide significant long term savings on the cost to keep your garden in “tip top condition”. It has been estimated that up to 60% of your average household water usage is on watering the garden.

  • Additional Watering Day

    In addition to this you also get the benefit of one more additional watering day per week when compared to scheme water users.

  • Better Water For Your Garden

    Bore water is more beneficial for your garden based on the minerals dissolved in the groundwater. It is also more environmentally friendly as you are not wasting chemically treated drinking water on your garden.

  • Increased Property Value

    Installation of water bores typically increase the value of your property.



Not all areas are suitable for water bores. Suitability can be confirmed by accessing the Perth Groundwater Maps System.

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