Our Specialist Bore Electrician has over 15 years experience in the water bore and irrigation industry. We can diagnose any pump related problem and repair or replace any pump in a timely and cost effective way.
Our technician can identify and repair any faults in the pump start and control system. Our specialised equipment enables us to easily winch your submersible pump from any depth to allow testing, repair or replacement. In addition deep well access is not a problem for us. Our electrician has all the necessary safety equipment to repair deep wells. If your pump is fused our electrician can complete the paperwork to help with your insurance claim.



Comprehensive electrical fault finding - Our licensed electrical contractor has the experience and relevant testing equipment to test all aspects of you reticulation system from your reticulation controller to your pump control equipment and your pump.

New bore electrical installations  - We install both domestic and commercial pump control and start electrical connections.

Bore pump replacement - We supply and install all major brands of 4”,6” and 8” submersible pumps as well as centrifugal pumps.

System automation - We specialise in the automation of old style manual bore pump systems.

Replacement  Direct Online Starter (DOL’s) - We replace any sized  DOL for domestic and commercial bore pump control.

Replacement contactors - If your bore is not starting or will not turn off, we can replace any contacter/relay.

Controller replacement - We specialise in hard wired controller replacement. Why take the risk with an unqualified / unlicensed reticulation technician?

Weatherproof power point installation - If you need a power point for a reticulation timer we can install both single and double outlets.

Isolation switch installation - We install new and replacement bore / well isolation switches to ensure that your bore is legal and safe.

Float switch installation - If you have a low flow bore and need a storage tank, we can install high and low level float switches to control bore operation.

Shared bore electrical connections - We can take care of all the necessary wiring requirements to share a bore installation between two or more households giving each property independent watering control.

Shared bore hour meter installation - We can install new or replacement hour meters to shared bores to track power costs.


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