Rebore Beechboro

Another rebore completed this time in Beechboro. The customer had a three liner bore, at the rear of the property with a Davey Dynaflow pump. The old galvanised spear had collapsed and the bore was now pumping sand and the pump had become sand locked. The customer was told by another contractor that their old bore could not be repaired. … Read More

Drilling New Water Bore Mosman Park

Drilling a new 67m 4 inch water bore in Wellington Street near the golf course in Mosman Park. The drill was straightforward. We encountered 4m of sand then the remaining depth was Tamala Limestone, Aeolian calcarenite, variably lithified leached quartz sand. The very base of the bore terminates at the underlying clay interface. The bore has a groundwater salinity of … Read More

Drilling A New Water Bore In Bayswater

Today we drilled a new 30m domestic 4 inch bore in Bayswater for Ridley Contracting. The site access was restricted, and the only option was too drill in the driveway due to the existing property walls. The drill was very straightforward. We encountered Bassendean Sand, 3m of coffee rock ,quartz sand (dunes) and Guildford clay. Coffee rock is, (A type … Read More