Water bore Pump – Recovery Specialists


We specialise in retrieving stuck or broken off submersible bore pumps. We often get calls from customers and other contractors to come out and “fish” either stuck or dropped pumps from water bore holes.

There are many reasons why submersible pumps get stuck. The most common cause we have seen over the last 30 years is because tree roots have managed to get in to the bore through either a breach in the casing, through screens set to shallow or from the surface. The roots enter the casing and grow at a rapid rate due to the abundant water source.

Another reason is that the pump may have been set to low by the original driller allowing sediment and silt to build up over the pump.

In some cases the bore hole is no longer perpendicular, misalignment can cause the pump to lie against one side of the casing, resulting in excessive wear. If the casing is in contact with a hot motor, it can also cause PVC casing to melt or become deformed.

We quite often find that the owner has tried to “Pull the Pump”, on their own and have jammed the pump in the bore or have even broken the Stainless Steel cable, electrical cable or delivery pipe off the pump.

We have specialist tools and many years of industry experience that most times enables us to not only recover the stuck submersible pump but more importantly save the costs of re drilling a new water bore.