Water Bore Restoration

A recent water bore restoration job in Mandurah.

A customer called to say that they had a bore drilled eight years ago. And for the last two seasons they have had low flow and low pressure issues.

After a quick site visit and inspection, we were confident that we could resolve the customers problems without having to drill a new bore.

This bore had a severe case of iron fouling. Both flow and pressure were severely reduced. The bore pump was flowing less than 40 litres a minute and could not run the reticulation system.

We dosed the bore with 10kg of Ultra C Boresaver and jetted the screen, the end result was 180 litre flow at 30psi.

Generally as bores age the productivity and output typically deteriorates. Loss of productivity is indicated by a decrease in bore yield and pumping capacity.

Additional problems include poor water quality issues such as increased turbidity, water colour changes, or odour and taste changes due to bacterial growth.

The decline could be caused by many factors, including scale formation on the screen, bio fouling or bio mass build-up, or sedimentation in the filter pack.

Water bore restoration is the process of restoring a bore to its most efficient condition by use of mechanical and chemical means.

If your bore is experiencing any of the these problems Call Steve on 0417928330

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