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Take advantage of Perth's free, continuous supply of underground water

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Aquarian Drilling provides a comprehensive reticulation service and repair service.

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Pump Repairs

Has your bore stopped pumping water or low on pressure? Need a new one.

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Pump, Reticulation, Installation and Repairs.


Aquarian Drilling provides a comprehensive reticulation and pump repair service. We have modern diagnostic tools that allow us to quickly diagnose and locate any problems with your reticulation system.

We repair or replace reticulation controllers, solenoid valves, sprinklers damaged pipe work and we also perform valve and cable location.
No job is too small


Reticulation Repairs

We specialise in the repair or replacement of all facets of both domestic and commercial reticulation (irrigation) systems.
The following list outlines the range of services that we provide:

• Solenoid valve location repair or replacement as required.
• Fault finding in wiring systems for all bore and mains water systems.
• Reticulation (Irrigation) controller repair or replacement.
• Repairing broken reticulation (Irrigation) pipe work any size.
• Manufacture couplings to fit old black Dicon pipe work.
• Submersible Bore location.
• Manual reticulation (Irrigation) systems automated.
• Sprinkler replacement.
• Upgrade existing reticulation (irrigation) systems that are not covering properly.
• Fix low pressure issues on bore and mains reticulation (irrigation) systems.
• Reticulation (irrigation) timer programing / system start-ups and winter shut downs.

Contact us now if you need your domestic or commercial  reticulation  (irrigation) system repaired or serviced on 92483330 or 0417928330 Email: Aquarian
Pump Repairs

Aquarian Drilling specialize in 4”, 6” and 8” submersible bore pump and or fused motor replacement.

With over 20 years of experience replacing all brands of pumps including centrifugal, jet pumps, pressure systems and submersible and sump pumps we can arrange replacement in the shortest time possible to ensure your garden does not suffer.

We inform you of the progress of the repair on your pump and will not start any work until you have been supplied a comprehensive quote and you have confirmed the work should go ahead.

Need a pump replaced contact us now on 92483330 or 0417928330 Email: Aquarian