Low flow bore pump protection

We recently Fitted out 2 low flow bores in Lower chittering with Calpeda pumps and Calpeda PFC-M smart control panels that we sourced from Premium Pumps.

It is a very simple product to install, that gives you the ability to get the best out of low yield water bores, in areas that it is hard to get good water flow.

The Italian made Calpeda PFC-M is a smart control panel/ start box for single phase submersible borehole pumps. Designed for protecting the pump & motor from dry running through the power factor (PF) control.

The Calpeda PFC-M eliminates the requirement for water level probes which are traditionally used in low yielding bores. It has has 4 programmable restart times to allow the aquifer time to recharge.

The PFC-M control box will protect your pump & motor from premature failure due to the borehole running dry. It can easily be retro fitted to your existing single phase bore pump system regardless of brand.

The unit has an aesthetically pleasing IP55 rated housing & will also protect your pump & motor from under & over voltage, lack of air pressure in the pressure vessel (eg. used in stock trough applications with a pressure switch) & motor overload.

The RA 100 is an optional extra Remote Alarm with flashing red light plus 75Db acoustic alarm for use in loud areas

Low flow bore pump motor protection
Low flow bore pump motor protection