Rebore Beechboro

Another rebore completed this time in Beechboro. The customer had a three liner bore, at the rear of the property with a Davey Dynaflow pump. The old galvanised spear had collapsed and the bore was now pumping sand and the pump had become sand locked.

The customer was told by another contractor that their old bore could not be repaired. That their pump was not repairable and they would need a new submersible bore installation.

This seems to be an emerging trend with some contractors. Taking the easy way out drilling new submersible pumps, not prepared to do the hard work and manually rebore the well.

A repair that should cost the customers between $1800 and $2000 ends up costing over $6000, by the time new electrical connection and re plumbing of the new submersible are taken into account.

We performed a standard rebore. Installing 100mm slotted PVC casing and a new 50mm Brass Alderdice Non Return Valve (NRV). We were able to strip the Davey Dynaflow pump and clean all the sand out.

Depth to water was only 1m below the base of the well liners. The rebore was straightforward as we had sand all the way

The customer was up and running at a fraction of the cost to install a new submersible bore. The job was completed in half a day with the customer ready to start watering today.

Aquarian Drilling Perth Water Bores & Pumps specialise in reboring old wells that other contractors say cannot be fixed.

(saving you the expense of installing a submersible pump).

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Rebore Beechboro
Rebore Beechborro