Bore Pump Replacement Beechboro

Got a call this morning from a customer in Beechboro who had a failed submersible pump.
Unfortunately they also had no idea where the bore was located on the property.

Ace electrics Perth disconnected the pump allowing us to connect a cable locator and find the bore within minutes. (Saving lots of unnecessary disruption to the garden and lawn).

We winched the pump up to facilitate megger testing the pump motor. (after removing the heat shrink connection).

The Motor was confirmed as being fused, and due to the age of the wet end it was considered unserviceable. ( The pump was a Red Jacket CN9GC 1 hp).

A quick call to Christian from Premium Pumps and we had a replacement Calpeda 4SDP07 delivered on site within 45 minutes.

Premium Pumps are providing a level of service and a competitive pricing option for Italian Pumps and Motors that is refreshing in the WA water boring industry.

Another satisfied customer up and running for the start of spring.

Cable tracing lost bore Beechboro
Cable tracing equipment
Premium Pumps delivering new pump
Premium Pumps delivering new pump
Replacement Calpeda pump