Been told you need a new submersible? repair your old bore and save $$$$

Customer was told that the water table in the area had dropped and that they needed a new submersible bore installation????? Have a look at the true depth to water in the picture. The customer had a one liner bore in Balcatta at the rear of the property with an old Stalker SHL pump. The old galvanised spear had failed … Read More

Drilling a new water bore in Hillarys.

We drilled a new water bore in Hillarys today. It was a straightforward drill with the expected geology encountered. Over the last 30 years we have drilled thousands of bores along Perth’s Northern and Southern coastal strip. We have extensive knowledge of the hydrogeology and groundwater conditions in Hillarys. Our local experience makes us trusted specialists in coastal water bore … Read More

Bore repairs, Rebore Yokine

A customer called today with a bore needing urgent bore repairs in Yokine. They had a four liner old fashioned bore at the side of the property. With a Lowara centrifugal pump installed that would not pump water. Another contractor had recently been employed to fix the problem. He had cut the old galvanised spear off. Then inserted a 40mm … Read More

Bore repairs Attadale

We got a call from a John in Attadale who manages a strata property in the area with 16 units. After the recent storms he could no longer operate the 16 station reticulation system. The controller was fused and he could not start his 2.2kw Lowara De 13 pump. James from Ace Electrics Perth attended the site and replaced the … Read More

Rebore Morley

Another rebore completed this time in Morley. The customer had a one liner bore, at the rear of the property with a Davey Dynaflow pump. The old galvanised spear had collapsed and the bore was now pumping sand and the pump had become sand locked. The customer was told by another contractor that their old bore could not be repaired. … Read More

Bore Pump runs but no water comes out

Hi I have a bore, the pump runs but no water comes out! This is probably the most common call we get at the beginning of spring. The cause can be as simple as lost prime, too failed Non Return Valve, leaky pipe work, or failed spear. The end result if you don’t have it fixed is dry running the … Read More

Centrifugal Pump Replacement Bassendean

We were called out to Galvins Plumbing Supplies in Bassendean today to look into a failed reticulation system. The hunter Xcore controller was pulling in the pump start contactor. The pump was not attempting to start.Our Bore Specialist Electrician, James from Ace Electrics Perth, quickly traced the problem down to an open circuit in the windings of the existing Onga … Read More

Bore Pump Replacement Beechboro

Got a call this morning from a customer in Beechboro who had a failed submersible pump.Unfortunately they also had no idea where the bore was located on the property. Ace electrics Perth disconnected the pump allowing us to connect a cable locator and find the bore within minutes. (Saving lots of unnecessary disruption to the garden and lawn). We winched … Read More

Bore Repair & Pump Replacement Lower Chittering

A new customer from lower Chittering recently installed their own 3 inch sqe Grundfos pump in an existing bore on the property they recently purchased. The pump was installed at 89m in a 91m 4 inch bore with static water at 34m. Unfortunately they did not evaluate the condition of the bore prior to installing the pump. We were asked … Read More

Always use licensed contractors

We got a call out from a customer that had no water. The pump had stopped the week before after getting low on pressure. The pump had tripped the DOL and blown the fuses associated with the bore. The customer called out another contractor who sent out their electrician to sort out the problem. He checked the DOL and replaced … Read More