Bore Pump runs but no water comes out

Hi I have a bore, the pump runs but no water comes out!

This is probably the most common call we get at the beginning of spring. The cause can be as simple as lost prime, too failed Non Return Valve, leaky pipe work, or failed spear.

The end result if you don’t have it fixed is dry running the bore pump.

The damage that this can do in a very short period of time (minutes) can be very expensive to repair.

Recently we had a customer contact us regarding their Pedrollo CP220C: 2.2kW bore pump that was not pumping water.

The bore system was automated and the customer had not noticed that the pump had lost its prime. The end result being that the pump had run a full reticulation cycle dry.

The end result of this being a failed mechanical seal.

We replaced the seal and reconnected the pump and the faulty Non Return Valve. If you have the problem “Bore Pump runs but no water comes out”. Turn your system off immediately and Call Steve on 0417928330.

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Bore Repairs damaged pump seal from dry running